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Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday March 9, 2012

Today, I woke up early and headed to a Social Media event starting at 8:00am put on by my friend Walter Jennings. Walter is a Managing Director for a large PR firm called Kraeb & Gavin Anderson and works directly with many large financial institutions as you can imagine. He is working to show his clients who are generally slow and hesitant to utilize social media the values that are gained from it. So that is why he held this event which he titled Kraeb & Gavin Anderson #3Shots of Social Media. They had the event at the very nice Conrad Hotel in Admiralty's Pacific Place! Nice spread for breakfast too which was great. It was killing me that I could not eat the perfectly crispy bacon they had! (LENT PEOPLE!)
 I found it a great event and really enjoyed listening to the two speakers. He invited me as a friend and as he knows I work within the social media industry. When I arrived I was excited to see that Walter had also invited Melvin and Iki from Meltwater Group my new company! Yes that is right I am starting a new job at the end of March as a Social Media Consultant with Meltwater Group. I will be working within the Meltwater Buzz division of the group and will be selling a Social Media listening software that companies can use to understand is being said about them and their competitors across the web! Walter's firm uses Meltwater, and Melvin and Iki are his contacts which is why they were present also. Here are some pictures from the event. If you would like to see some of the stuff that was said during the event and you have twitter just look up the hashtag #3Shots!
Walter or @FacingChina at the Podium

One of the presenters was Allan Schoenberg who is Director of Corporate Communications at CME Group which is a large Derivatives firm. They have been using social media for a while now and Allan provided some great advice for his peers in the Financial Services. 
"Some people want to call, some email, some visit, and some tweet! We have to be able to cater to all nowadays."
"It is important to make connections now in times of calm, because during times of crisis it is too late!"


Reading Material even had QR Codes with Social Media Examples

Yesterday, some of our team went to this little tiny dumpling stand right near my apartment for lunch. Its so tiny check it out. They have a few types of dumplings (which I love) but they specialize in these Korean Kimchee Dumplings and boy are they good. There are so many of these little hole in the wall places that have great food. Its all about getting the courage to try them!

Why did no one tell me that Brangelina where making a stop in Hong Kong??? lol These are wax figures I came across when I was going to the post office to pick up my new book Jump Start Your Business Brain.

Recently there has been a huge craze for this mobile phone app called "Draw Something". People are starting to move from Words With Friends to this game. It is a ton of fun, just like pictionary you draw pics and you work with a partner to see how many you can guess correctly in a row. Check out some of the recent drawings I did...not bad if I say so!

This was a drawing I did for the Genre of Music - DubStep

My Sith!!

I drew Mr. Money Bags for Monopoly

Before I go, get a load of this ridiculous outfit we encountered while we were in the subway headed to LKF last week. ARE YOU KIDDING? IS THAT ALOUD? Lol
Loss for Words hahaha

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