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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday March 13, 2012

Ni Hao!

It's Tuesday and the week is slowly moving along. Just wanted to add a few pictures from the week so far. First of all the cookies I made Sunday, I brought in on Monday afternoon and went over great! Everyone loved them so that is always good. First of all take a look at the random decorations they have set up outside Times Square right now... not sure why they are hats, but they are. Random!

Next take a look at a couple of masterpieces I created in the Smartphone app "Draw Something"

Do you remember these guys?


Here is the portrait I was asked to do of Sir Elton John himself.

I realize the colors are not ideal however right now I am only working with four colors as I have not "unlocked" any other colors yet. I need like 250 points or something to add a few more colors, and I think I am at like 180-190.
Now I would like to show you the opposite of masterpiece compliments of my Sister Lauren. Now it took me about 10-15 minutes of hard thinking to realize what Lauren was going for here but I am advanced, so I did it much quicker than most would. You can see the letters I had, what do you think it is she was drawing?
Just in case you can't read the code my sister chose to write in its says: "EAT DURING SUMMER"

Still thinking about it? Its alright don't feel bad I am a master at this game so I was obviously going to get it at some point, there is no reason to feel bad if you don't. Now if your like me and everyone else I showed this too the image here suggests Ice Cream Cone as clear as day. The "clue" if you call it that also reinforces the Ice Cream guess. However, as you can see the letters to guess "Ice Cream" are not there, nor are the letters for Cone, Sunday, etc..  Now Laur, here is a lesson for you, once people see an image like this that suggests something very strongly it is difficult to guess anything outside that realm. That is just the way normal folks brains work. Needless to say that is NOT the way Your's Truly brain works. It took a bit of outside the box thinking but it did come to me, what Lauren was going for here was POPSICLE!
Yes...a Popsicle. I realize this in no way looks like any Popsicle I have ever seen and, I can break down the faults of this thing till the sun comes up but, here are just a few.
1.The Popsicle stick is not a stick WAY too WIDE, clearly resembles a cone
2. I have never ate nor seen a Popsicle that you have to use 4 separate (1Stick&3flavors?) pieces to put together. Sounds like a sundae.
3. The color scheme and shape of the Popsicle. Granted I know there are multi-color Popsicle like those Red, White and Blue Rocket ones but they are all connected as one piece and are definitely not sphere shaped.
 To her defense Lauren is in school to be a teacher so her drawing skills where never her strength. Which is why I believe she plays this game with me, because my skill and knowledge makes up for what she is lacking.
Don't worry this game is very addicting and I do not plan on quitting anytime soon so Lauren will have plenty of opportunities to redeem herself. I can promise you that I will re-post more of her pictures so everyone can judge her progress. Good Luck Laur.

Lastly for today I just wanted to introduce you to two interesting things that I tasted today.
The first is a bread that is made to look like a peach, and is filled with a red bean filling which is very sweet in taste. The breads alright, it seemed most of my co-workers are not that fond of them and Celia even said that they are for "Old People" so you can take away what you want from that.
Pretty cool looking though.
The next is a snack made by those super creative Japanese! My Japanese co-worker Ayumi brought them in for us to try. They are essentially fake French Fries and I am not lying to you when I say they actually look and taste just like french fries. Apparently they are very popular in Japan and fly off the shelves.

Well that's it for today! Until next post Zai Jian!!!

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