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Friday, March 23, 2012

Mr. Wongs and Dinosaurs

 Last week I organized a group from Englishtown to head over to Mr. Wongs after work on Friday. I would say it was a hit as they all enjoyed the food and we ended up having a great night, as we headed out to LKF after!

Apparently Occupy Central, HK is still going strong. Impressive that they are still sticking it out, I thought all that had died down.

 I swear when it comes to dinosaurs I am still just a big kid. I STILL love looking at them and reading about them. All the fossils below are located here in Hong Kong and were found in a desert in China.

 Check these gems out! Spotted them in a local sports store in Pacific Place Mall in Admiralty.

A little St. Patricks Day celebration.

7 min Pilsner

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