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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Re-coming to America

Good evening all! (Good morning to my friends in Hong Kong!)

I realized today it has been far too long since my last post, and felt it was time for an update! I have been back in the states for 5 months now and it is starting to feel like I never left, save for a few things. One of the biggest changes I have returned with has been my consistent use of the words "mate" and "cheers". If there are any issues with me using these words as they are not "common American terms" I ask you to take up your concerns with the likes of Ben Julius, Val Falcon, Jack Haberman, Richard Durham, and Richard Henri Legesse.
Another interesting change is, my preference for the use of chopsticks! If they are available I will use them. I don't know what it is about using chopsticks while eating, but they seem to help me savor my food that much more. (Maybe its because when I use them I only am able to pick up one little morsel at time!)

The majority of my time back in the US has been spent on Lacrosse fields, working on getting our family business going as well as J.J.Threads and within a Liquor store. (Not because I am an alcoholic) Since the day after I landed in CT, I have been coaching U13 and U15 travel lacrosse teams for 413 Lacrosse. I have really found a passion for coaching as I love the game and it is a great way to stay involved in the game and give back to the sport. I am also learning a ton about coaching from some of the best at it in New England; two of my college coaches John Klepacki (WNEU) and Jim Warnock, as well as Russ Mooney (Minnechaug High School). Each one of them have tremendous history within the game such as National Championships, State Championships and Coach of the Year honors. There knowledge and experience is helping me grow and will assuredly use this knowledge when I make my High School coaching debut as an Assistant Coach at South Windsor High School this Spring.

J.J.Threads has been making some serious headway in the online custom clothing industry. We have had a really big last couple of months from working with Olympic Athletes, to our "Keeping it Fresh with J.J.Threads" series with Inside Lacrosse.
One thing we are really proud of is our recent collaborations with the HEADstrong and Project Purple Foundations. Anyone who uses either the HEADstrong or Project Purple Fabrics in their custom shirts will directly contribute to either foundation!

Well thats it for now, next up is a overdue Menchie's update! Goodnight!