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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bhuddas Birthday April 28, 2012

Fun fact, yesterday was actually Buddhas birthday in many Asian countriees, it was here in Hong Kong! So, in honor of that I figured I would do a post on a few of the Buddha's that I saw last week.

These pictures are taken from the Temple of 10,000 Buddha's in Shatin, Hong Kong. The entire hike up to the temple, the path is lined with golden buddhas all with different faces and features. It is incredibly neat and if you ever visit Hong Kong I highly recommend a visit to this unique temple.

Buddy Buddhas

"I'm thinking, I'm thinking..."

Wave Rider Buddha


Stick Buddhas

Right Said Fred Buddha (I'm too sexy...)

Simple Buddha

Toupe Buddha

Hobbit Buddha

Jedi Buddha

Farmer Buddha

Hop on Pop Buddha

Birth defect Buddha

Sith Buddha

Egg Head Buddha

Mister Fantastic Buddha

Seigfried and Roy Buddhas

Lashes Buddha

Warrior Buddha

This old building was so random!

Ginger Buddha

Arm Eyed Buddha

Toothless Buddha

Beardsley Buddha