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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Catch-Up April 25, 2012

Lei Ho! Been a while, meant do a post last week but guess what my internet cable was disconnected somewhere in the building and of course the cable guys are not able to come after 5 so our only option was to wait till Monday.

A lot has happened, honestly its a pain in the arse to try and write everything that has happened and I am tired, so I will do my best to summarize but fill you in with pictures mostly.

So to start back two weeks ago, maybe some of you have heard this before but last year a 42,000 year old baby Woolly Mammoth was found in Russia in ridiculously good condition. The preserved baby was put on display here in Hong Kong to start off its Asian display tour. Here is a picture of it my roommate took. It is located in the IFC building on Hong Kong Island.

I saw this fashion statement on my way home from work two weeks ago, very interesting. Those boots are outrageous and I think we need to get him som J.J. Threads to replace that shirt... if thats what you would call it. (Maybe its a jacket idk)

Also two weeks ago we had a special week as some of our colleagues from around the world visited our office for the week to see how we do in HK!
So it was a week full of good food and flowing drinks as we had to give them the full HK experience. Our CEO Jorn (two down on the left from Me) stopped in for a few hours on his way through Asia. So that was really cool we were able to meet some really cool people and hear about what their Meltwater offices were like and what type of fun things they did in their offices.

As I said we had to take our colleagues to all the best places in Hong Kong so they would have a memorable experience. I really enjoyed our dinner on Friday at a place called NOMADS Mongolian BBQ in Tsim Sha Tsui. Basically the reason I loved it so much is because its all you can eat and, you are able to create your dishes.
First you get you select your choice of noodles or rice, then fill throw in whatever veggies you like. Next up is your choice of seafood, chicken, pork or BEEF! Lastly, you choose your sauce or sauces and spices. Then you hand your dish and seat tag to one of the Chefs and eat some appetizers and relax as they cook up your concoction for you! So damn good! If you are tired of rice and noodle you can even make a personal pizza.

Big mix bowl for food & little bowl for sauce and spices

Dish #1

Chocolate favorite dessert

Dish #3 ( I made a pizza for dish #2)

On the way home from Nomads I met Iron Man...I was stoked

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