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Monday, April 2, 2012

April 1, 2012 Catch-Up Pt. 1

Lei Ho! Here I am playing catch up with my blog again! (Need to get out of this habit)
Basically I started my new job at Meltwater Group last week and I have had very little time to blog! I am working as I said for a company called Meltwater Group in their Meltwater Buzz division as a social media consultant. My job is to sell and consult clients on social media monitoring and engaging through our Buzz platform which is a really neat software! However, as I am dealing with clients on a daily basis there is a ton of training that I have to go through so I have been staying at the office just about everyday till 8 or 8:30! However, there is a great culture at Meltwater and I am really enjoying being a part of the office. There is always music playing, everyone talks to each other, there is alway's snacks in the office, plus we have a Wii and a ping pong table! I think my favorite part of the new job besides learning the art of selling is the fact that we get to travel around the city and visit so many cool offices. Take for instance last week I sat in on a meeting at the Time Warner office which was huge and the Nokia office which just had a great view of the harbor. Here are two pics from the Nokia office.

I mentioned there is a great culture in the office part of the reason is because the Meltwater way is really unique. First off its a very "young" company meaning the average age is under 30, also they always promote from within so many of the managing directors are 25-28 which is really neat. Plus, the company treats its people great, goals are made so they are achievable and that keeps moral very high. They also have a really cool tradition at least in the Hong Kong office where they go out every friday and have a greasy meal, and at the end of the month they do something special for bonding. This past friday was not only the closing week for March but it was also the closing of the Meltwater fiscal year so after work we all got to go out on a boat tour of Hong Kong harbor and then have a delicious Korean bbq dinner! (The boat tour was free flowing drinks which was pretty neat) Here are some pics.

They also have Casual Fridays; apparently I was the only one who did not get that memo

Today, was the first day of my second week at Meltwater and there is still plenty of training to do as I was there till about 8:15. However, its weird when you are working hard and learning you don't even realize how quickly the time goes by. I feel like I could have easily stayed there another hour so if I wanted. (Def, no shortage of work as I still have a ton of prospecting to do) Here is some pics of the nicely presented food from the Japanese team lunch we had today at Sushi Uogashi.

This Beef was bomb!

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