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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 29, 2012

Ni hao Wah Shuh Bill! (Hello my name is Bill)
Here is how to count to ten in Mandarin - Ning, Yi, Er, San, Shi, Wu, Liu, Qi, Ba, Jiu, Schi
Have You had your meals yet? - Ni Chi Ghwaa Fan Mei Yo?
Excuse me can you please tell me your name? - Ni Cuhyee Gosue Wa Needuh Mingtss Ma?

Hope everyone is doing well, since we last talked my roommate Tucker got his contract extended another year and I was offered a new job on the 20th which I accepted. So good news work wise in our house! On Sunday we decided to treat ourselves for a hearty meal at Dan Ryans Chicago Grill to celebrate. (Its funny because Dan Ryans is a Hong Kong and Singapore chain.) I was in the mood for a real good American Burger and Tucker wanted Ribs so Dan Ryans was right on.
Does not get any more American than that!

It was a great filling meal we split a nacho appetizer along with our meals and we each got a dessert to top it off. I received a nice letter from my Babci who is currently at her place in Fort Myers, FL.  So I wrote her a post card back and in order to send it I needed to buy some stamps. I noticed right away that the stamps here in Hong Kong are rather nice, check them out below.

So recently for dinner I tried both of these quick camping dinner packets that my Grandma and Grandpa gave me.  These quick dinners are made by a company called Mountain House, and before cooked they remind me of space food. You cook them by simply pouring boiling water on them and mixing it in to the dry food. Then you close the packet and leave it for 8 minutes and then its good to eat. The first I had was the macaroni and cheese, it was not bad but very very heavy.  It reminded me of the macaroni and cheese you can get from KFC. The second one was spaghetti and meatballs which, was essentially short spaghetti with ground beef. However although the sauce was not my moms the meal was actually pretty tasty and something that I could see tasting like filet mignon when out camping.

Spaghetti post being cooked
Spaghetti prior being cooked

Spaghetti & Meatballs
Simple Directions

Mac & Cheese post cook (looks like slop)

When I bought stamps on Friday I also decided to buy some new light bulbs because two of the three in my room went out! Because I care for the earth you will notice that I purchased the Phillips Energy Saving brand lights. 8-)

As I said I got another job and its with a company called Meltwater Group and its located here in Hong Kong. I will be starting my work there at the end of March but the office was very kind and took all the new hires out for dinner on Monday. We went to a bbq place right near the office called Blue Smoke, in fact I went there a few times in the summer as it is quite good.
Some of the Meltwater office out to dinner at Blue Smoke

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