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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1st Ash Wednesday in Hong Kong

Today is Ash Wednesday kicking off the lent season. I know this is terrible and my Mother, and Grandmother would be very disappointed in me, but today was the first time I have been to Church since arriving in Hong Kong! However I did get to Mass 1/2 hour early so, I had plenty of time to sit and pray and reflect.

The Church I went to, was right over in Happy Valley, about a 10 min walk from Times Square. The name of the Church was St. Margaret's Church and was up on hill overlooking Happy Valley race track. It was a very nice Church and filled completely up for the start of mass.

Very nice looking Church with a seemingly dedicated parish. I wish I could have video taped some of the mass to show you guys what the atmosphere was like during mass. They had the organist sitting up front left and a little pedestrian choir located in front of her. The entire mass was in Cantonese however, so I had absolutely no idea what was being sung/said but, it was still a neat experience.
Another really neat thing about the mass was that I counted, (and I mean counted a few times) 31 total alter servers... all boys. I guess in Asia, girls can't alter serve which is weird because there were women helping serve communion. The funny thing about the alter boys though was that on their way in, I counted 27 twice! Then later I counted 31 multiple times so apparently, 4 showed up at halftime.  
Mass lasted about 1hour 15 minutes so I was out by 8:45. After mass I talked to father and he told me that every sunday they have a 12:30 mass in English, so now I know. For lent I have decided to give up  swearing. So I am going to train myself by using a rubber band on my wrist and switching it to the other wrist for every curse. (tip from my Dad) 
Along with giving up I am also going ti make myself study Mandarin hardcore style!


  1. What a great blog. Of course I am extremely disappointed in your lack of attendance to mass. Shame on you.

  2. i think you have been to church in your lifetime more than Dad...People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. lol
    glad you are doing something for your soul!! Beautiful Church