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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hong Kong Entry #6

Let me start off by saying screw blogger and that I can't believe I'm actually here writing on this thing again after I swore it off!  Heres the back story fyi, I decided not to go out on Thursday with everyone because I was super tired, so I figured I would go to bed early and catch some extra zzz's.  NOPE in reality what really happened was I ended up skyping my Father on his new Ipad for an hourish.  I was happy to see his and LG's face.  However I eneded up writing a long blog entry and staying up till around 1:30.  When I was done writing I went back and started entering pictures into my blog.  One of the pictures I was entering was not working so I clicked it and pressed the delete button on my computer.  Now a pop up screen came up and said blah blah blah (I didnt bother reading b/c I figured it just was asking me if I was sure I wanted to delete the pic)  Yes or No  I clicked Yes and then my entire entry was gone!!! Furious like what the heck?? Really blogger you make it possible to delete the entire blog from the upload section? So dumb!  So thats why I have not gone back and wrote all the stuff that happened since.  Anyway let me try to remember all the stuff that has happened since...
My desk week two and already stacks on it!
So work on Wednesday was okay, as was Thursday.  I found out the big project I have been working on for my boss, that was supposed to be due on Thursday was actually not due till Monday because his meeting with the CSLA Capital Vice President was moved till Monday.  So that was good news it actually made me relax a little and since then I have been doing really well on it.  This girl Jingjing who I work with actually helped me get a interview as a equity analyst so that was really great.  Weather or not I get the job that was really nice of her and I would like to get her something as a thank you, any  ideas??  Mom this is where you come in!! Your great at this!  One of her friends works in the same building and is looking for a intern equity analyst.   Myself, Melissa, and Chris went to get lunch at Vole which is this little grocery store place that you can make awesome salads or they also have a large variety of really good sandwiches as well.  There is also a Chinese food section which I stay away from because I eat enough of that everywhere else.  On thursday I got the Thai Chicken Panini which was really good, it had a nice little kick to it!  I also had a cup of soup, they always have a soup of the day which I usually get.  The soup of the day on Thursday was Asparagus, it really was not to bad either I enjoyed it.  For lunch I have been alternating between salads and sandwiches.  My only problem with there salad making area is that they have this deal where you get three fillings/toppings for your salad and it costs $38 HK, however if you don not follow that deal and decide to put extra toppings on it, the salad jumps to like $1000 dollars so quick.  Not literally a 1000 but it becomes like a $10-$12 dolllar salad in US $.  Well anyway we got our food at Vole then headed back to eat at the office as usual because its comfortable and the best view.  To our delight we had the honor of having lunch with our founder and CEO John Wright, he came in and sat and had his lunch with us.  His lunch looked unreal good, grilled blackened salmon with asparagus from his Chef.  (I was wicked jealous)  As we were talking to him I realized what very cool guy he is, he entertained us, with his humor and told us a couple stories that I can't repeat haha. He is super smart as well before founding global sage he was the Deputy News Editor at the Wall Street Journal.  To give you a sense of what kind of guy he is I will tell you what he did for his birthday party.  Jaimie Souter one of my co-workers told me that for his 50th birthday about three months ago he rented out the top part of our hotel the pointy glass area.
John rented ou the top section right under the
pointy part!
He themed his party after some Audrey Hepburn movie so every body got dressed up for it.  Then he hired geisha girls for everybody at the party.  So when you or you and your date arrived you were greeted by a Geisha girl who was with you all night.  She sat at your table, talked to you and waited on you.  Jaimie told me the guys loved it but the women had raised eyebrows. These girls are not Prostitutes they are like asian models. He spent a big buck on his own party which is super bad ass.  John also told us to have his assistant schedule a dinner at his house and when we asked him during the week or on the weekend he said "Well on a weekend we will all probably end up passed out drunk on my floor, during the week you might be a little better behaved.  Whatever you want to do, I prefer the passed out one but its up to you guys want to do."  So we said okay and as we continued to eat he totally changed his mind and said "you know what have my assistant reserve a junk boat instead!"  A junk boat is a huge party boat that you just have a good time on and go to the Islands!  So thats pretty sweet, I'm pretty excited to party with the boss!
One story that I forgot to mention from Wednesday night that just came to me is that a few of us were at dinner eating and Amanda who works later than us because she gets to go in later ( she has the best internship, event planner.  she got to plan a concert for Lil' John in Macau!" walks in.  Now outside it was raining and super windy because of the tsunami in the Philippines.  She orders her food and then comes over to us to sit down and says "literally the most embarrassing thing in my life just happened to me!"  She then began to proceed to tell us how when she was walking across campus she was holding her laptop in one arm and umbrella in the other and a all of a sudden a huge gust of wind blew her dress up so it was over her head!!!!  The worst part is that there were people near her.  Now the funniest thing is that she didn't know what to do because she obviously didn't want to get her computer wet so putting it down on the ground or putting the umbrella down wouldn't work so she tried like shaking or something hahaha.  Finally she said she put her umbrella down real quick to pull it back down.  Priceless.  Now when its super windy we just say there is a "Windy Amanda" warning so ladies dress properly.  After our dinner on Wednesday we had  our speaker series event in which professionals come and talk to us about their experiences how they got where they are and so on.  The one this past week was named Siju Daniel and he is the managing director for FXCM Asia Limited.  He was a interesting speaker and I am really happy I went and was able to talk to him after his talk as well.  Thursday night I didn't do anything.  I went for a run and worked out which was good, Michaels gift to me once again is great!  Before and after running I did a lower ab routine (reverse crunch, flutter kicks, leg lifts, scissors), a push up routine (regular, wide, diamond, fingertips) and pullups on the soccer goal (knuckles in, and out till fail) It was a great workout and I felt great after, except my calfs which were burning because of how many freaking hill there are here!   fyi      high humidity + running up hill = multiple calf cramps throughout the night!
After my run I showered then went down to dinner which here at City University is always interesting.  First off let me tell you the menu is like reading friggin brail  its so confusing and I never know what to order.  Then there is always stuff on the menu that they don't ever have available, super annoying!  So I usually just stick with fried rice because its easy to order and its consistent.  The only issue is they run out of it a lot so sometimes you have to be adventurous.  I have been asking for tuna sandwich which is on the menu for the past two weeks and they never have it.  Finally on thursday they had it available so I ordered that plus a side of vegetables and rice.  Homey Kitchen is what they call their cafe which is interesting.  Ordering your food and waiting to see what you actually get is always a fun adventure, because first you have to order off the menu of hieroglyphics then you try to tell a lady who can barely understand you what you want!  So when my dinner was finally ready I wasn't super shocked to see that  the side of vegetables I ordered was really just warmed up damp lettuce.  I guess to get the broccoli I was supposed to say "mixed vegetables" but now I know!  After dinner I didn't really do anything except video chat with LG and Dad and then write a blog entry that got deleted!
Here is funny story #2 for this blog entry ( I like how neither of these stories are about me!)  As I was video chatting Lauren and my Dad, my Dad told me that Laur did something super dumb that week.  Apparently my little brother has been going to golf camp all week and Lauren had to pick him up from it.  On monday apparently mike and his other campers and the Golf Pro were all on the 18th hole when all of a sudden they see this little Chevy coming down the cart path!!! She thought it was a little road.  I guess my mom had told her she had to pick him up in back and Lauren thought this is where she had to go!! (I was literally crying I was laughing so hard!)  Poor Mike was humiliated, I really don't blame him! She had to do a K Turn right near the green to turn around after the Golf Pro asked her what she was trying to do.  This guy definitely thinks she retarded because then on Tuesday Mike was didn't go because he had a bday party, however my mom forgot to tell Laur so she went there and was frantically searching for Mike everywhere until the Pro told her he was not there.

Friday was a pretty good day as well, I just worked on my project all day trying to get it ready for Andrews meeting on Monday.  Also it was Andrew's 50th birthday so we sang to him and had cake in the afternoon.

 I also bought him his lunch because I did not have a gift or anything to give him.  Also at work I received a call from Jingjing's friend who wanted to have a little interview with me after work with her and an associate.  The interview went well it was very unformal and more of just a feel out session.  After the interview I bolted home to get ready for the eventful night!  We planned on going to Mr. Wongs at night and meeting Stanley and Coco from work. I had never been there but heard great things about it and let me tell you they all lived up to it!!! The place is awesome, its all you can eat, drink (beer) for $50 HK!!! Such a great deal its not even funny and Mr. Wong is the man, real fast talking little guy, very funny.   We also learned a new skill, how to pop a bottle cap off with a chopstick!!! I have a video of us doing it which I will post later at some point.

Getting unreal with chopsticks!

I taught everyone how to play international drinking rules throughout the night which helped everyone get a little buzzed
Mr. Wongs really just set the tone for the rest of the night which I will admit did get a little sloppy for me but we had a blast! However when I woke up today I was useless so that was annoying but whatever.  Nick, myself and this kid Alex from Jamaica did our bar hop again with international rules.  We also danced up at the Azure or skybar again. (keep forgetting to take pics up there!!!)
Sierra Nevada in HK!
Today I really did nothing I went with Ross to get lunch at Dan Ryan's in the mall, the burger I had was actually one of the best burgers I ever had! Real good, big juicy burger with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, ketchup and mustard with fries, slaw(i didn't touch) and a pickle spear! Very American! While we were at the mall I did buy a towel for tomorrows big boat day.  I also got to video chat with Michael, my Faja and Momma from their hotel room in Long Island.  Mike has a lacrosse tournament there this weekend.  Aside from that I didn't do anything.  Myself, Ross, Ignacio and Mike just sat around and showed each other our friends on Facebook and watched funny videos on Youtube.  We decided not to go out because we were all too tired and tomorrow we have to get up early to go on our party boat.   (Not the one my boss reserved)  My co-worker Stanley got us on this one and its was about 60 American for all you can drink, eat and wakeboard.  Apparently we go to a couple beaches too, so I'm looking forward to that a lot! Well goodnight all talk to you soon!
                                                  Meet Mr. Wong! Interesting Guy!

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