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Monday, June 13, 2011

First Post from Hong Kong

First off let me start off by saying that United Airlines blows! They delayed my flight to Chicago which made me barely make my flight to Hong Kong and I was not able to get any food or anything in between!
Also they charged me an extra $400 for one of my bags, 200 because it was too heavy and 200 because it was too big!  The inflight food also sucked!  Then when we landed it was pouring in Hong Kong and they must have left my bag in the rain because all my clothes in the bag were soaked!
However that was all made up for because after dinner we had a blast we went out to the Lan Kwai Fong area where there are tons of bars and it is really hopping over there.  I made a bunch of great friends already over here everyone who is in the program is friendly and easy to get along with! We went to like 4 different bars and had a blast at all of them, my two favorite bars that we visited were the Russian Vodka Bar which was an ice bar and something that I thought was pretty neat.  The other bar that I really enjoyed was the skybar its on the roof of this huge building and the sites are AMAZING!  Whats really neat is you can go into any of the bars (most without cover or much of a wait) and get a drink then take the drink out to  the street with you if you decide to leave!
On Sunday we had lunch in Festival Walk (where I tried duck which was okay, the meat was very tasty but there is a lot of fat and bone) and did practice runs to and from our internships so we could get the timing down and be ready for our first day.  Im working with three other interns and they are all very nice, I have made good friends with one of them his name is Chris and he is from Canada.  I really like Chris because he hates the Canucks and is also rooting for the Bruins to win!  So we all planned on starting our internship today June 13, 2011 so we got all dressed and got there nice and early however when we arrived at work they told us that they were expecting us tomorrow haha! So we ended up having the day off which was actually good!  I made use of my day off I went down to this tourism place called China Travel Services and applied for my tourist Visa to Beijing with Tara.  Then Chris and I met up with a bunch of the other people in the program and had lunch at this American Burger place, I got a buffalo chicken sandwhich which really hit the spot!  Then we went over to IKEA to get some hangars and other things for our rooms.  When we finally got back to our dorm area I realized that the lady at the tourism company never gave me my passport back!  At this point it was about 10 after 4 and the place closes at 5 so I got on the train and headed back over there, once I got there the lady told me the Visa place keeps the passport until I pick my Visa up, so I really rushed back for no reason.  However the Visa place was in this area called Mong Kok, I knew there was a market there in the evening so I went over and shopped for some souvenirs for the family, it was really neat I got to barter with the locals. ( I'm sure they still beat me in the end but it was fun anyway).  After dinner the whole Dream Careers crew did a scavenger hunt in this place called festival walk which is a huge mall right next to the campus we are staying on.  The mall is so cool it has every store you could ever need in it and a ice skating rink and a movie theatre.
The subway system here in Hong Kong is unreal and better than anywhere else I have ever been, it is very clean and the longest you have to wait for a train is 3 minutes.  The trains take you just about everywhere in Hong Kong so a car isn't even necessary.    So tomorrow is my first day of work and we are also going to a night market and traditional chinese seafood restaurant so look for posts on those coming up!


  1. Hi Billy,
    Sounds like your having fun in Hong Kong, I can't wait to see you so you can tell us stories of your times there and we can do things together like Golf. Love your brother, Michael

  2. Hey Bill,

    Can't wait to see pictures of what you are doing.
    Glad your eating well. We all know how you feel about fat on a piece of meat!!
    Good to hear your shopping cause 8/3 is coming soon and you wouldn't want to buy dear old Mom just anything!!
    Have fun @ work!! GO BRUINS!!!!!