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Monday, June 20, 2011

HK Entry #4

Ni Hao! Well its been a few days since I have posted and quite a bit has happened!  I should start off by saying even though I have been partying my butt off on the weekends, I have been working out!  Pushups and sit up in my room and I have gone running and will continue to do so! lol  Well I think I left off on Saturday last.  Saturday was a great day I dropped my dress clothes off at the mall and while I was there I bought two new shirts from Nautica, V-Necks!! Now for anyone who knows me that is a big step for me because I never where V-Necks.  However I actually like these and they look okay on me,  the V is not deep at all so they are acceptable to me.  When I got back from the mall I decided to go for a run because I knew I would be drinking all night again and if I did not do some sort of physical activity I would feel like such a good for nothing.  I thought I was going to have multiple people to run with because many have told me they would run with me however the only one who has come each time is Melissa my co-worker, I give her credit for coming out with me because no one else is running and like my Dad always says its easy to skip out on workouts!  The first time we ran we got lost because I thought I knew where I was but all the buildings look the same so we ended up not where we thought we were.  So this time we decided to just go down to this track that is about 5 minutes away from our dorms and run around the track so we would not get lost.  We had a event that night and the bus left at 6:00 so if we got lost and missed the bus we would miss out so the track was the safest bet.  I didn't have the best run of my life I was dragging because I was dehydrated from the night before, but I did get a good sweat going and I did a couple laps with pushups, sit up and pull ups on a soccer goal.  I want to thank my brother Michael again for getting me Nike workout tracker its awesome and I highly recommend it to anyone!
After we finished our run we jogged back to the school to get ready for our event.  I showered and shaved quick and threw on one of my new v-necks and headed down to our group rally point.  When the bus got to the school I was surprised with how comfortable it was, it was a much nicer and more comfortable coach bus than any I have been on back home.  Our tour guide was a wacky and very funny little Chinese lady who cracked some pretty funny jokes throughout the night.  We started off the night by heading back to the Temple Street Market where we had previously gone during the week.  We stayed there for about 45 minutes, during this time Ross and myself decided we were going to get some watches!  I ended up with a fake Daytona Rolex and Ross went with the bootleg Breitling.  

My Daytona

Something funny about this trip to the market was that we found another section to it that had a lot of adult things haha.   Lets just say there were a lot of instruments being sold!  Here is a little glimpse....

Nice  Elephant Schlong Thong! (D'Angelo would Love this haha

So we left the market after about 45 minutes then headed to the famous JUMBO Floating Restaurant.  Now when they say Jumbo they mean it, the thing is huge.  It's actually in the middle of the bay so you have to take a little ferry over to it.  I uploaded many pictures from our time at the JUMBO restaurant on Facebook including the list of food we ate.  They served us a multiple course meal with different types of seafood, and dessert which was my favorite part because it was Mango custard. (delicious)  The neat thing about this restaurant is that because it is on the water it gets real fresh seafood, because the fishing boats dock right up to it and put the seafood on it.  They even let you go down to where they keep the seafood and see it all,  the fish and other edible marine life are all kept alive until cooked to keep them as fresh as possible.  

After eating at JUMBO restaurant and taking pictures we got back to our bus and headed to our final destination, the photo area on the mountain where you can see all of Hong Kong Island metro area, the bay in the middle and mainland on the other side.  There are many huge houses on this mountain as it offers one of the most beautiful views you can find.  The pictures I took do not do this site justice because it is way more striking in person.  Its unreal to see the water in between the two parts of Hong Kong its definitely a must see!  Another neat thing was that from this observation area we were lined right up with my office building which was cool because I was able to show all my friends where I worked and what a nice building it actually is, with a incredible view!  My building is the tall pointy one in the picture below.

After taking a bunch of pictures from this amazing view, we headed back to City University.  My friends and I planned on going out in Lan Kui Fung again as usual, however I had no idea what was in store for the night to come.  When we got back I layed down on my bed b/c it was about 11:30 pm and we planned on leaving at 12 because everyone party's so late here, so I decided I would take a little power nap. However about 10 minutes after I laid down I got a text from Ignacio asking me if I was willing to drop a little extra cash to get a table at the hottest club in Hong Kong... Dragon-i!! Its the "hot-spot" club in Hong Kong that the rich, famous, beautiful and numerous celebrities go to.  However it is very expensive and if you don't know someone you may not even get in. I was also told by Ignacio to put a button down shirt on and change my shoes because it was a no sneaker policy.  (This place started sounding like a not my style kind of thing but I changed and decided to give it a chance) Luckily Ignacio new a girl who was going to get us in and a table in the main room, however we needed to be there by 12:30!! This was a stretch for us because were 3 trains and a 40 min commute away.  Of course we ended up not getting there on time and only 3 of us were getting in right away. The people working the door were being douches and kept not making us wait, then they decided that only 2 out of the 4 of us waiting could go in next.   So my roommate Nick and I decided that we really didn't care anyway and we let the others go in, and we went to do our own thing.  Well boy did we make the right decision!  The other guys spent about $300 American on boos (which other people were drinking on them! We spent waaaaay less than that and had just as much if not more fun!  
Nick and I decided that we were going to do our own bar crawl starting at one end of the street and working our way down.  Before we got started Nick introduced me into international drinking rules of our crawl, 3 main rules.  
Rule #1  - If the big hand on the clock was on the right side between 12 and 6 you had to hold your drink in your right hand.  If it was on the left half in between 6 and 12 you had to hold it in your left hand.
Rule #2  - When your drink was on the table it had to be at least a fingers away from the edge at all times.
Rule #3  - Whenever you put your drink down you must double tap in on the table first.

Every rule violation  that was caught meant that you had to drink two fingers worth of your cup.  Well lets just say that I never got the hang of Rule #3 and it was not my friend!  We went to multiple bars and had a absolute blast.  

We met tons of new people and shared many laughs and songs. We stayed in the bars till about 6 am lol and decided to call it quits.  When we were looking for a cab something very interesting happened to us... we both had our first interaction with a prostitute.  As we were walking to find a cab a female approached us and kept asking us if we wanted to go somewhere party or hang out.  She was very persistent and would not leave us alone so we decided to just out run her haha. We sprinted down the street because we knew she would not chase us in her hight heels lol.  We finally got found a cab and headed back home, we got into bed about 7 am.  When I awoke later on Sunday it was 3:15 in the afternoon!  From there the rest of the day was worthless,  the most productive thing I did all day was my laundry.  My friends and I did go get dinner at the mall and walk around a little but thats about all I did all day.  I was pretty disappointed in myself because I wasted a full day, (aside from laundry) other people in the program went to the beach and had a fun day so I was a little jealous of that. So I vowed never to waste another day that I was here.  Well its late and I need to go to sleep, adios amigos!

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