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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hong Kong Entry #5

So Monday I woke up did my normal thing, which is wash off to wake up, get dressed then head down to meet Chris and Melissa at breakfast.  One funny thing that I don't believe I have mentioned is that at breakfast they literally offer french fries everyday.  Breakfast is buffet style, so they always have some sort of meat, they alternate between scrambled and fried eggs, some sort of french fry (either waffle or skinny) dim sum (chinese appetizer basically), a few cereals, milk, orange and apple juice, either banana or apple, toast and oatmeal.  Pretty much everyday I take the egg, meat and french fry and put it on the toast and make myself a breakfast sandwich.  

Work on monday or the first day of our second week was by far the worst day yet.  The reason being it was super stressful!  I was given a project by Andrew Miller (my boss) to update the fundraising deck for Thursday.  Andrew and the rest of my team basically cover Private Equity, Fundraising, Venture Capitalists and a few other non specific accounts.  Well on Thursday Andrew has a high profile client coming in to meet with him and he asked me to update the Fundraising deck for that meeting.  Basically what this is, is a packet or power point printed with statistics, graphs, predictions within the fundraising sector.  Andrew sent we the one from last year and asked me to update the information in it, so it was up to date for the client.  This was a serious burden on my day because as I was doing research for it I could not find all the same statistics from the year past.  Now because it was for a client and due so soon I was freaking out and gathering as much information on Monday as possible, however as I was reading and gathering I was not what information I was even going to put in my deck.  By the end of the day I was really freaking out and I almost had my first ever panic attack, however I managed to avoid that and get through the day.  
When we got back home on Monday we all got changed and met at dinner for our event for the night.  The event planned on Monday night was to go ice skating down at Festival Walk mall!!  A bunch of us ended up ice skating and we had a blast! I did not need to go for a run because I literally got a work out skating.  I was dripping with sweat by the end of the night.  One weird thing about their free skate here is that so many of the kids take figure skating lessons that in the middle of the skating rink people were doing figure skating moves which is super dangerous!  The are spinning with one leg in the air, if that skate makes contact with someones body it could do serious damage, especially in the neck area.  However we skated for a hour and a half and had a blast. I was the second best skater in the group next to Chris my co-worker but he is a Canadian so that is kinda an unfair advantage if you ask me!

After figure skating we grabbed a bite to eat then hit the sack.  Today I woke up and felt less tired than I did yesterday simply because I went to bed earlier.  However at breakfast I was a little stressed because I knew I would have to go in to my daily morning meeting with my team and talk about my progress with my team and boss.  I had essentially gotten nowhere the day before except for the fact that I gathered a lot of information.  However as for organizing and getting an idea of which of that information I would use I had not gotten anywhere.  However meeting time came and it was my turn to talk and as I was describing what was going through my head and what I had done my boss was very understanding, he said that I had so far done a good job and he even specified certain areas that I could exclude from my deck.  So leaving the meeting I actually felt better which in turn made my day better.  At work I found out from Vanessa our front desk lady that a tsunami is headed our way from the Philippines.  Our hope is that it will end before the weekend because on saturday we have a group hike, and on Sunday myself, Melissa, and Chris were invited to a boat party from a co-worker of ours, the same one who invited us to dinner last friday.  The boat party costs $450 honkie and include all you can drink, eat and wakeboarding so this is going to be a blast.  He even let us invite some of our friends who did not work with us.  Also this girl Amanda who is in the DC (dream careers) group was invited on the same boat from her boss!  In total there will be 110 people partying on this huge boat, so it should be a blast.  
At work I worked on my project, yet I was also asked to sit on in two phone interviews that Jaimie Souter and Sotoko (dont know her last name) on my team had.  This was great to add as experience because they actually asked me to take notes as well.  At lunch Jaimie and I went to the same place and we got to talking about my future and I told him I was all done with school and wanted to work in Asia. He actually told me that I should work for Global Sage and that he would start including me in on more client stuff, which I thought was really considerate and thoughtful of him.  
After work we all headed home to get ready to meet for our tuesday event which is TASTY TUESDAY where we try different local cuisine.  Today's TASTY Tuesday was what they call hot pot!  It's a restaurant where you go and sit at a round table.  In the middle of the table are two electric stove tops.  From there your table decides on two types of broth or soups to have on each stove top.  The soups or broths are placed in pots and on the stove tops and begin to heat.  Meanwhile you choose the meats, veggies, seafood etc. that you want for the table.  When the pots get hot you put your foods in them and wait for them to cook, then you eat them.  Here are two videos of our Hot Pot dinner!!
After Hot Pot which was located in Mong Kok by the way we just headed home and here I am writing my blog! I am wicked tired and can't wait to go to sleep!  It sucks I am passed the time in my life where I can take naps in the middle of the day...DANG!! lol  Ah well just going to have to start going to bed earlier.  Tomorrow should be a pretty generic day, breakfast, work, lunch, work, workout/run, dinner, then we have a speaker tomorrow because Wednesdays are always speaker series then bedtime again.  Well as always thanks for reading! Hasta Luego!

And to all my followers I am very sorry that my blog is boring right now with out pics and videos, I actually had a bunch of pics and 3 videos I have been trying to put into it. However all of a sudden whenever I try to upload them they upload then never show up.   It is really aggravating because I want to share my adventures.  If anyone has any ideas or knows why this is happening I am all ears thanks!

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