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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hong Kong Entry #15

Hello again everyone! This past week has been a wild ride for me as you can imagine, everything happening so fast.  On top of that I headed back to Macau this past weekend, this time with the entire dream careers crew.  We all left for Macau from City University via bus, to catch the 1:45 ferry.  However once again even though we were at the ferry station, immigration held us up. So some of us ended up making the 1:45 and the rest of us had to get on the 2:00, luckily they did not make us pay again.  When we got to Macau we took another bus to the hotel we would be staying at called the Landmark Hotel.

It was a pretty nice hotel, the rooms were very nice and the beds were very comfortable which was a great change from our City University wooden planks.  The only issue I had with the hotel is that aside from the lobby,s the hotel smelled very musky.  They must not have had dehumidifiers because the air was heavy, there was that musky smell and everything felt almost damp.  Regardless it was a good accommodation for the weekend, and Ross was my roommate so that was pretty cool.  After checking in to our rooms, myself and the guys all met down in the lobby so that we could make our way to the Hard Rock Hotel together. We had to head over there because Ignacio left his computer charger in the room the previous weekend and they had found it for him. When we got to the Hard Rock the first thing we did was head up to its McDonald's and pig out.  For some reason we all came to the conclusion that this particular McDonald's was one of, if not the best McDonald's we had ever eaten at. lol
We got the charger then headed back to the Landmark for a nice nap until it was time to get ready to go out for the night.  Ross and I took about a two hour nap and probably could have gone longer if we were not awoken by our hotel room phone.  On the other line was Ignacio who told us to get ready because everyone was going to be pre-gaming shortly.  I called the front desk for an iron and ironing board so that I could look as fresh as possible.  The shirt that I decided to wear that night was the last of my custom button downs that I have not yet worn.
This was a really fun night and much different, because everyone from Dream Careers HK minus the staff were in the same room pre-gaming. We had music going and flip cup so the energy from the very start of the night was terrific.  After pre-gaming in the hotel room as a group a bunch of us went over to the Wynn hotel and Casino to do a little gambling before heading to the club.  It was fun gambling as a large group as we were all crowding around the roulette and black jack tables cheering together for wins and sighing for losses.  It was probably the most fun I have ever had gambling and I really do not enjoy it that much.  To top it most of us won money and I came out even so overall we had good luck.
From the Wynn most of us headed back to the Hard Rock to go to Club Cubic.  I will tell you what, even though my last experience at Cubic was only okay, this time was amazing!  We danced all night as a huge group and just had soo much fun. The DJ was terrific and I heard after that they were promoting him as a top 100 DJ.  Regardless he did a good job and we had a blast.  The best part of the night was when security let us up on stage to dance and basically go crazy.  The funny thing about it however was that it was only the guys up on stage! Now usually as you all know its vice versus, but not that night! I think it was better having us up there as we brought a lot more energy and got the crowd going.  We did eventually bring some girls up but it was majority guys.  Some of the girls from our group took pictures and videos and as soon as those are available I will post them up here.
For the time being here is a video I found on YouTube of Splash and Club Cubic from last week. Can you find me in it?.... When the camera pans along the DJ booth at the 30 sec mark you can see Ignacio(pink shirt), and me with my hat backwards, then a few seconds later in the view from the DJ booth you see Ignacio hit the Beach ball and I am standing right next to him with my hat on forward! lol

At about 4 or 5 in the morning we left Cubic's and started on our way back to the Landmark Hotel, however before we left the Hard Rock we all stopped at the McDonald's to get some breakfast!
The next day there was a Dream Career brunch at 10am, however I did not make it, as I was exhausted, this was the case for many others as well. We had to check out by noon so we had no choice but to get up at 11:50 and pack up our stuff to head downstairs and checkout. After check out the rest of the day was a free day.  So the first thing we did was go looking for some lunch, however all the restaurants in the Casino's were ridiculously priced, and there wasn't anything except some shady Chinese places on the street so we ended up guessed it McDonald's again (that will be the last time I eat it for months, possibly years).  This time however it really was not that delicious as I could barely get it down.  From there a bunch of people went to go bungee jumping, and the cool thing about the bungee jumping place in Macau is that it is the highest in the world! I however did not do it, simply because it costs about $400 US and that is outrageous in my mind, especially when I already went skydiving for less than that.  Plus after skydiving bungee jumping just seems pointless. However the people that did it, got videos and pictures so that was cool.
At four we all headed to the ferry to depart Macau on a 5:15 ferry.  When I got back I checked my email, unpacked then met Ross, Alex, Chris, Jeremy and Sam downstairs to head to Dan Ryans to get a little dinner.  I got the seared Tuna salad and let me tell you..BOMB! You need to try this if you ever find yourself at Dan Ryans which is a franchise from Chicago I believe. From there it was an early bedtime as I was wiped from the craziness all weekend.
This week at work has been pretty unproductive for me as there is no point in starting any new projects since my last day is on Wednesday.  In fact the only real reason I have even gone is to speak and plan with Tucker about apartment searching.  Speaking of, we found a place that is pretty sweet and hopefully we will be moving in.  Unlike the other apartments we have looked at that are in Stanley, this one is actually in Causeway Bay, right were I will be working! This is perfect as I will be saving money since I can just walk to and from work everyday.  The place is a unreal deal that just fell in my lap luckily since I know Tucker.  The place is 3 bedrooms all of which can fit Queen size beds, completely furnished including TV's a washer and dryer, new kitchen, new bathroom, plenty of closet space, its awesome.  It totals around 1,200 square feet and is only costing us $26,000 HK, which for two people is a lot, but right now we are working on getting this other American who recently got a job here through the same headhunters as myself, on board.  The best part about the deal is that Tucker is very good friends with the family that owns the place, so we will not have to sign a contract or pay last months rent! Not to mention since it is already fully furnished we won't have to spend money buying furniture.  We are showing Sam (the american kid) the apartment tomorrow after work, pray that he loves it so that we can start to move in, because it would be a sick bachelor pad!
Yesterday for lunch the office took all of us interns out for Dim Sum to the same place they took us on our first day of work.  It was a goodbye and thank you lunch but also a welcoming lunch as a new intern started at Global Sage, his name is Daniel and is from Hong Kong and going to University in England.
I actually left work about 15 minutes early yesterday to beat the crowd on the trains because I needed to head over to Central to pick up the custom shirts I ordered from this new place I went with Ignacio and Mike P.  However I had to go by myself as Mike wanted to head back to City U and Ignacio had to stay late at the office.  When I got to the tailor I was very disappointed to find that one of the shirts he made me was the wrong material.  However he did not believe me because he wrote the wrong material ID number on the receipt.  He actually used the material that Ignacio wanted for a shirt and made me one as well.  This was really annoying to me because aside from not listening to me, when I had gone on friday for the fitting I thought that he had the wrong thing and Ignacio told me not to argue with him because he might get angry and do a crap job on our shirts.  So instead he made me the wrong shirt, I was furious now because aside from not having my friends there to back me up, I had paid this guy up front so he already had my money and I had no choice to take the shirt. I was also really disappointed  because I really wanted the one color that he did not make.  He told me "I give you good price and offered me $250 HK instead of $350 HK however that was ridiculous and I should have gotten my shirt free!" I finally got him down to $200 HK but was still very unhappy and kept trying to plead my case. The shirt that I did not want, was made from a material that I had incorporated into one of my other shirts (white shirt with this other material lining the inside cuffs, collar and underneath the buttons)  however he did that one and then made me a whole other shirt out of it.   I kept asking him why A) I would use that same material again and B) why I would want the same shirt as Ignacio.  However he is a stupid stubborn old China man and would not listen.  Not to mention he did not put my initials on any of the shirts like I asked, so I got to walk out of there with nothing and have to wait till Wednesday to get my shirts.
The rest of the night did get better though as I met up with Chris and Melissa in the train station and headed to the ICC building to go to "The Ozone" which is the highest bar in Asia (118 Floor) I believe.  It was actually supposed to be our Dream Career event however the only people who showed up were us three plus Amanda, Alexia, Michelle and Matt Pacheco. Its okay though we took a lot of pictures and had some drinks (only two b/c it was super expensive).  The bar was really cool as the lights changed colors every few minutes, not to mention the view was incredible.  So that was a nice end to the day, especially since I had never been there before.  It is definitely a really neat place, and somewhere that I recommend going at least once if you are ever in Hong Kong.
After that I went back watched the first episode of Season 4 of True Blood and then passed out!

Here are some pics I found online of Ozone.

ICC building where Ozone is located on the 118 floor

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