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Monday, November 21, 2011

November 21, 2011

This is the artwork we bought for our wall, we call them the laughing brothers. Can you guess which is mine?
   So I guess its about time for a post in this blog, I am sorry if I have been somewhat ignoring it but, I have been pretty engaged in my new blog.  My new blog that I recently just created is called AdChatting, the reason that it really excites me, and I have been so involved in it is because, I actually bought the domain for it, so I own it!  This believe it or not has been something that I have been meaning to do for sometime. Advertising and marketing tactics are concepts that I am really interested in as they are ever changing and can be very different.  So on my blog all I do is take a look at different advertising and marketing strategies and discuss what is good and what is bad about them.  My hope is that professionals in these industries will use my blog to discuss these different advertising and marketing campaigns and tactics.  This will enable me to not only network and engage with these professionals, I will also be able to learn from them.
     Aside from buying my own domain name and starting my blog, a few other exciting things have happened to me in the past weeks.  Along with joining California Fitness gym, last week I went and got a phone plan from the service called 3 here.  The exciting part is not the phone plan, its the actual phone I got with my plan, the Iphone 4s!  This phone is everything its cracked up to be, its pretty damn awesome.  The siri technology is unreal, it's wicked smart and you can ask it just about anything including the meaning of life. If siri does not know the answer to your question, she will tell you and then ask you if you would like her to do and internet search for you which is cool... to me at least lol.  So to say the least I am really pumped about my new phone! Also on Saturday I went with my soon to be roommate Ben to a tailor to get fitted for a new suit.  The place he took me too, is a tailor that he and his Dad have been going to for years.  When I got there I could see why, as the quality was superb and the prices were really reasonable.  In the US you can spend thousands of dollars on a custom suit, here I was able to get the suit with an extra pair of pants for less than $450 dollars.  The service is fantastic as the first time you go, they measure you out, and let you pick all the color and style that you want for your suite. Then they bring you in for a fitting to make sure everything is the way it should be, after the fitting you can pick your suite up in days or, they will ship it to you anywhere; and I mean all the way back to the US anywhere if you want.  The suite and iphone 4s were gifts from my parents, as one would be my Birthday present and the other my Christmas present, so I want to say thank you Mom and Dad and I love you both tons, and... I would give both gifts back if I could spend Christmas and my Birthday at home with you guys. (But if not then I don't mind keeping them)
     During the week I have been on my own as no one is ever here except me but, on Friday's and Saturday's, Ben the kid who is moving in to our apartment has been hanging out with me, so that has been a nice change of pace.  This past Saturday we walked across the street to this bar called "Inside Out."  It's a fairly large bar and on the weekend it is always packed so its actually quite fun.  We went there for dinner on Saturday and to watch Ben's favorite "Futbol" aka soccer team Arsenal.  They won so Ben was pumped and I had a good meal and a bunch of cheap beers, so I enjoyed myself as well.  It is definitely a place that we will be going often as it is literally 2 minutes away counting the elevator ride. Too keep myself busy during the week after work, I have been working out everyday, blogging, cleaning my apartment and reading quite a bit on blogging and of course advertising!  On this past Sunday I ventured to "Gateway Grocery Store" in Shuen Wan, basically it is like a mini version of Costco or Sam's.  It's very small but they sell all American products in bulk, the problem is that items shuffle in and out of there so often that its hard to tell what items will be in the store and when.  It is also  quite expensive because, I only bought a few items and it cost me more than, I spend when I go shopping at the local grocery store.   So I do not think I will be going there very often unless I want to get something that I use a lot in bulk, such as Skippy Super Chunky Peanut Butter.  (I literally eat PB & J everyday during the week for lunch.)
     So this week is the week of Thanksgiving, and as I have mentioned in the past I will be going to my boss Jessica's and her boyfriend Scott's place to celebrate.  After much debate with myself, I have decided that I will bring my famous "Monday Night Football" dip over their house, along with a bottle of wine.  I think they will appreciate it, as most people who have tried it have really enjoyed it.  I am just happy to be going somewhere for Thanksgiving as it will help me not think about missing my family like crazy.  On top of that I will have a chance to meet some new people as they are having a bunch of other people over for dinner as well, so I am really looking forward to that.
     The last thing I want to talk about on this post is how freaking proud of my father I am.  My Dad is one of the most smartest and easy going people I have ever met.  If you know him, you know he is not one to take advantage of any one, or over stay his welcome, he is one who usually gives other people a hand, rather than receive any sort of help.  So in my opinion a time to recognize him is wel overdue! Well this past Sunday exactly that happened, my Dad was inducted into the Watertown Football Hall of Fame, (he actually graduated from Watertown where he was a stud safety!) He received the award due to the countless hours he has put in for over 20 years refereeing pop-warner, High School, and College Football.  Even with a full College schedule he has served on the Hartford board and the CT valley board as President.  Most of all he has been recognized for his love of the game, I honestly don't think I know anyone aside from Bill Belichick himself who has more passion for "America's game".  The best football team I have ever been on in my entire life was actually coached by him, we ran a no huddle offense with a direct snap to the running-back.  We had a whopping total of 7 plays, which we ran perfectly because we knew them inside out, we could go on two and draw the opposing defense offside every game.  We went undefeated the entire regular season and lost in the playoff's to who else WATERTOWN, because of a few plays that did not go our way.  What a great team that was, and some of the most fun playing football I ever had.  My Dad would have made a hell of a coach had he chosen that route upon graduation, he has it in his blood, not to mention he graduated from a school (Springfield College) that breeds coaches (Steve Spagnuola, Charley Casserly, Kevin Spencer, Dave Magazu, Mark Banker, Paul Ferrero and my former Lacrosse Coach John Klepacki who has received National Lax Coach of the year honors, just to name a few).  So today I tip my hat to you DAD, CONGRATULATIONS!

Also I would also like to mention that out of all the Moms in the world, I got really lucky of drawing the best.  I will tell you I miss my family a lot, and she has been her wonderful self sending me Halloween and Thanksgiving cards, letting me know she is thinking about me; which means so much to me.  Also my fantasy football team has won 3 in a row and is starting to get back on track so thats good news as well!
Till next time... ADIOS!

Me with the new Iphone 4s (jesus my nose is big!)

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