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Saturday, October 29, 2011

October 30, 2011

Hello everyone!
I have been back in Hong Kong for three weeks now and I can't believe it, it has gone by so fast.  I decided it was time to post because it has been way too long.  So right now its 12:30 pm on Sunday of Halloween weekend and I am just lying in my bed right now.  So I figured it would be a good time to reflect on the past three weeks.
First and foremost work has been pretty good, everyone at my office is super friendly and welcoming to me.  I have been invited to join them for lunch multiple times and have already had drinks and dinner with the rest of the Global marketing team, right after work.  Basically everyday my job is to monitor our global page social media sites and interact and communicate with consumers.  I also work on coming up with branding ideas such as contests and promotions and I have run advertising campaigns via our social networks.  So really its a pretty fun job, My parent company EF is a humungous company that has 6 divisions, including where I work Englishtown and even the worlds largest Graduate program.  The graduate program owns a University called Hult University which has undergraduate and graduate programs.  The graduate program is actually something I am considering because its a 40% discount for EF employees.  They have a Masters in International Marketing which would be perfect for me.  The best part of it is the fact that they have a rotating campus system, so if you do the graduate program you get to study on three of Hults campuses.  They have campuses everywhere including, San Francisco, Boston, Shanghai, Hong Kong, London and a few more I believe. So that is something I am considering right now.

Aside from work everything is good as well, my apartment is great and really in an ideal location.  I can literally get to anything I want by walking 5 minutes, its perfect.  I wake up at 8 everyday and leave my apartment at 8:50 to get to work at 9.  I am actually the only one in my house who is working right now, because Tucker does not start his job at Credit Suisse until December and Sam is still waiting on his Visa.
The three weekends that I have had here so far have been insane and a ton of fun.  The first weekend it was Tuckers birthday so we went out with all his friends and our buddy Pramond got a table and tons of bottles for us to drink which was sick because, anything free is awesome.
The second weekend we went to a birthday party for this kid Jason Li who before his party I had never met once.  Really great kid and a really sick party.  He rented out this whole club with all these rooms, he had everything from Poker (the Chips had his name on them) karaoke, beer pong, dance floor, it was pretty sick. This past weekend we did a normal LKF night and just bar and club hopped around.  Then this weekend has been pretty great too.  On Friday Tucker, Sam, Ben and myself all went to a massage place and got legit massages where they actually walk on your back so that was cool. So last night we headed to LKF for Halloween and it was INSANE, you could barely move in the street there were so many people.  The street was decorated with Halloween decorations hanging from buildings, also every bar was decorated.  It reminded me of going to Salem, MA  except everything was in a tighter area.
However before we headed to LKF last night, we did our Saturday ritual and played soccer for two hours at the Indian club.  I literally suck because I can't control the ball at all, but its fun and a great workout.  After that we showered up at my place and went to this bar across the street called Inside Out to pre-game have some dinner and also watch this "big" soccer match between Chelsea who Tucker likes and Arsenal who Ben likes.  It was a very exciting game for soccer because there was an unusual amount of scoring as the game ended 5-3 Arsenal.  Ben was all excited and said it was a huge victory because Arsenal never wins at Chelsea.  So the night was a ton of fun, I really wish I had a camera so I could have taken pictures of the last couple weeks.
I get my first paycheck tomorrow, so I have a couple to do's:
1) Pay Rent & Utilities
2)Get a smartphone so I can take pictures
3)Get a gym membership (I am missing not working out everyday, and when the gym is literally across the street there is no excuse.)

So thats it for now I hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend and I will sign off by teaching you all a few Cantonese phrases.
Note these are not the correct spelling of the Cantonese words, I just spell them like that so I know how to pronounce them.

Lay Sick Joe Fa Mei - Have you had your meals yet? (this is a formal greeting)
Gay Deem Ah-        What time is it?
Gay Cheen Ah-        How much is it?
Kay Tik Hi bean-     Where is the MTR? (MTR is the train here)
Chee So Hi Bean-    Where is the Bathroom?

Till next time everyone!