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Friday, July 1, 2011

Ni Hao! So I left off tuesday night with y'all, and Wednesday was a very similar day to tuesday.  It really consisted of me doing minimal real work, (I feel like Peter in Office Space) its not that I don't want to work, its just I rather pick my co-workers brain about people they know and what not and look for jobs.  Now I had just had a great talk with Andrew Miller the previous day about jobs in marketing and PR so I was really into that.  As I was looking I decided to look for jobs in Social Media, however all the social media jobs in Asia-Pacific consisting of social media need like 4 years of experience.  This is unfortunate because I really enjoy doing it.  I got curious and decided to look to see what type of openings there were for social media jobs in the States, and as I expected there were tons.  One of them caught my eye in particular, it was for a company called Bai Brands, that was fairly young only about a year and a half under its belt, and it was looking for a social media coordinator.  The idea of working for this company literally kind of just jumped off the screen at me, and really kind of got me excited.  This product is something very revolutionary and on top of it, its only 5 calories and has quadruple the amount of anti-oxidants as other drinks, so its super healthy.  Now I have no idea if I will even get the job but just the thought of being part of something like this is really neat to me, who knows it could be the next Gatorade or Coca-Cola!  So that one really got me thinking the only thing is that it was going everything I was against when I have been saying that I really want to move out here to work, which I really do, like if I take a job back home, who knows if I would ever get a chance to come back out here to work.  The problem is that Hong Kong is unique because its one of very few cities that is industry specific, everything is revolved around Banking!! Its a banking city and all other businesses revolve around it, shipping, marketing/pr, real estate for offices etc..  So I pretty much did that most of the day, I had a meeting with Andrew and Sylvia talking about what I was supposed to specifically for the index and I was able to sit in on them interviewing a big candidate, so that was interesting.  On our way back from work the three of us met up with Ignacio and Mike in the mall and we went into a pharmacy because I needed some vitamin C pills bad, so I got those and a new tooth brush because I like the ones that have a tongue cleaner on them.  I asked if any of them were planning on going to listen to the Speaker of the week and Chris and Ignacio both said they were.   So I headed back to my room showered and went down to homey kitchen or "homeless" as one of my friends Alex (from Jamaica) call it hahaha.  Now everybody calls it homeless instead of homey.  I found a new meal that I like at homeless and its a chicken and tuna fish sandwich.  The chicken is very good its almost like deli chicken it isn't fatty or anything.  The only problem with the sandwich is they try to put mayo on it which yes I hate!  So the ladies working there must hate me b/c I stare at them and watch them make it so they don't put mayo on it.  Since that night I have gotten that sandwich every meal I have gone to homeless. 
After we ate we headed to the speaker, his name was David Fernyhough and he works for Hill & Associates which is a consulting business which does security and risk management.david-fernyhough.jpgHe is from New Zealand and has worked in Hong Kong most of his life.  He got here at 18 and started in the police force and worked his way up to Detective Chief Inspector, he spent a lot of time chasing the Triads among other bad guys.  Then he went to the intelligence business in counter terrorism and counter Intelligence.  Then he started working at Hill & Associates and is the VP now.  He was a super interesting and entertaining guy to listen to.  He really inspired me to do something I enjoy, by the way he was talking with so much passion about being a cop.  "It was just loads of fun, breaking down doors, knocking guys heads in, running around the city with a gun!" in his hard New Zealand accent.  He just really helped me realize that its so rewarding doing what you really enjoy.  So at that moment I knew I was applying for that Social Media Coordinator position at Bai Brands. After the the speaker series was over we thanked him, shook his hand then went to the third floor to meet with a group of our friends, just the guys, we were planning something big!  We got 10 of us together and booked a two suites in Macau which is the Vegas of the the East.  Its an Island a short 35 minute ferry ride away and just filled with Casinos and hotels and clubs.  We booked the two rooms in the Hard Rock hotel the weekend of July 21st and 22nd, because at that hotel there was going to be some killer parties that weekend.  Amanda Weiland one of the girls here who is working as an events planner, actually planned one of the parties.  The party is called Splash and its basically a sick pool party, there are basically two events going on at once and we are going to both.  The first starts at 4pm and goes till 2am and its a hotel pool side party with Lil John.  The second starts at 10pm and goes till 6 am and it is at Club Cubic and Akon will be there. So we booked that up with two corner suites, so we were pumped.
  I went back to my room and talked to Tara for a while and she helped me figure out how to write a killer cover letter, which I did till about 3:00 am and then finally submitted my application at 3:30! I knew I would be tired the next day but I wanted to get that application out ASAP.  I read somewhere on the internet that the first few apps looked at by the employer have the best chance of getting hired because after like 10-20 the employer has one or two in mind and they just compare the rest to those people.  So the ad for the job had been up since June 27th so it was only 3 days old, so hopefully I would be alright.

Waking up on Thursday was terrible, I was wicked tired and could barely keep my eyes open the entire train ride.  Thursday was literally the most unproductive day at work of my entire life!  I did zip, nada, zero.  However I think that was the case for most people, I did continue looking at jobs a lot.  For lunch Stanley invited us to join him to go to a traditional Singaporean restaurant. It was a small little place and the food was not bad.  It was mostly noodle type stuff in a broth with some meat.  It had a serious kick to it and you could not cool your mouth down because the water to drink was served boiling hot!!  So that was interesting to try and I'm glad I went with him.  When we got out of work I went for run and worked out.  It was a great workout and I felt terrific after it.  Right after my run I headed up to Homeless kitchen to get my dinner, my chicken and tuna sandwich.  Then I hurried back to my room to Skype with my Mom and Michael.  It was good to talk to them for a while, I miss them both a lot! Michael showed me his sweeeeet uni's for his 413 Lacrosse team.  These things are dope! They are Nike uniforms and they have the little lower hanging part in the back that says 413 just like the old Syracuse ones that said Cuse.  Pretty sweet much nicer than anything I ever wore until College!  
After talking with them for a while I showered up quickly and got dressed. Then we headed out to LKF for our typical going out night, except with a twist!  Tonight they were celebrating the Canadian Independence day.  So LKF was packed and crazy.  We started off at La Bodega which is obviously this Mexican place, the girls like it because on thursdays its ladies night and free drinks for girls.  There were so many give aways at LKF that said Canada d'eh!! on them.  I got a hat by the end of the night and gave it to the only Canadian among us, my co-worker Chris Denton.

After Bodega Alex, and Thai Mike as we call him b/c he is from Thailand went to the shot place on the corner that we love however it took forever to get our shots, so Alex was getting mad because he already paid. When we got our shots we headed to Liquid because we thought everyone had gone in there....we were wrong.  We cut the Liquid line and waited for like 20 minutes then finally got in.  When we got there we realized none of our friends were there but we partied without them anyway.  

We had a great time dancing and singing, Alex decided to take my camera at one point and make this video.  We even got a VIP table however none of our friends were there to share it with us so it was not as good.  So after a while we headed out of Liquid and headed to where else but.... Azure aka skybar.  This time at Azure I remembered to take some pictures of the view!  It was good night overall and I think everybody had a great time.  Chris met a very cute girl with which he hit off pretty well!
One thing that I forgot to mention which you will see from the pictures of me is that Hong Kong is humid and as hell, so it and my sweating problem do not get along well, I literally sweat my face off every time I go out!  O well still have fun tho!  One cool thing that happened aside from getting the Canada hat this guy who I took a picture of, gave me his sweet white sunglasses that have buttons that can turn on lights on the side of them!  Freaking Sweet bro!

Dude who gave me the sweet sunglasses

Alex and I with the Canadian hat

Mike Thai and Alex

Me in the rain

Well last night was great and today was a day off as I mentioned so it was sweet too! However I am about to head out now so you will have to wait till next time to hear what I did all day! PZ!

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